Well, I am subbing right now…actually i am using the teacher’s computer during lunch…which i think is forbidden, oh well.  I dont think they would fire me.  They need me too horribly, i mean so bad that I am sitting in a room with another teacher.  I read all yesterday and today, i have almost finished a book.  It is kinda nice to get paid to do something that i enjoy. O well. 

By the way….

My interviews went well:

My first was with a eagle scout Pediatrician so we talked about scouts for probably 20 minutes.  So that went well.

My second interview was with a Doctor who had been brought on to work on the curriculum. I asked a few good questions so she really liked me.

The third wasn’t as positive, but i think that it was because the doctor was a little less sociable. It went good though.

so….keep praying!


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