Pollution and the Death of Man

Well i just read this great book…in my spare time working as a Sub.  I was assigned to read this book back when I was in school but I never finished it.  It really got my attention back then, but I was too busy being in college to read it… It was written by Francis Schaeffer, who if you don’t know is a philosopher/historian who actually wrote the history book we learned from in my World Civ. class in College.  This book is really fascinating to me because it deals with the whole Global warming issue way back in the 70’s when these problems were first being learned about.

This book is his take on several articles written back in the day about how Christians and Christian thought, which is the basis for our society even the majority are not Christians any longer, are the reason for our pollution problems.  The articles use the whole dominion over nature part in the Bible to back it up.  Through this book the author works to discredit these articles and assert, rather ingeniously, that the problems can in fact only be solved through Christian thought. As Christians we need to be on the forefront of the issue.  We need to do this because Nature itself was created by God.  We love God, so we should love His creations as well.

I’m no tree-hugger, but I do feel that we as Christians sometimes forget that nature is a truly beautiful part of God’s created order and as such should be taken care of and respected.

It is a little wordy at times, but i feel is a must read for all Christians and Non-Christians alike.


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One response to “Pollution and the Death of Man

  • Jeff T

    Did you know the “Francis Schaeffer Institute” is at Covenant Seminary? We’re big fans of his. Although I do agree about the wordiness issue. You should check out his “A Christian Manifesto.”

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