Great Eating and Great Blessings

Well…Things are just great with me and my New BRIDE!  She has been fixing me great food lately which leaves my stomach very much satisfied.  For the PF Chang’s Fans out there Elise fixed some delicious Lettuce wraps the other night.  They were absolutely WONDERFUL!  Usually we have left-overs after a meal like this but not that night.  We devoured it all!


The other night, I had the chance to bake some bread!  Sourdough bread to be exact and I think that I totally knocked it out of the park.  It is totally delicious and i have a homemade bread sandwiches for many lunches lately.


On another front…it is truly neat to see how the Lord has been blessing me and Elise.  We had been looking for jobs for a while and were worried that we wouldn’t get any.  Well now I have a full time job working at Marion High School.  I have been teaching Shop for a couple weeks.  The kids are totally insane, i think that i might end up that way as well. I also got another call the other day to come for an interview at another place.  We will see how much they pay.  Elise has also gotten a job at Bob Evans and a job at Bath and Body Works.   So basically we prayed for jobs and now we have more than we need. It is pretty funny how the Lord works.

I should also be finding out soon if I have been accepted to Medical School right away for if I have to wait and see a little longer. 

So blessings are being heaped up on our heads for our Great Father above.  May His name be praised Forever.


2 responses to “Great Eating and Great Blessings

  • Melissa Guthrie

    Austin and Elise,

    I stumbled upon this little treasure of a blog through Melanie’s. I’m so thankful to the Lord that things are going so well for you two. May His blessings continue to be upon you and may you both continue to seek Him and praise Him. My prayers are with you guys as well. Let me know if you’re ever this way… and I’ll let you know if I’m ever that way! Talk to you soon friends.


  • Dad

    Hey you Guys:

    Isn’t it cool how God works? Remember Matt. 6:33…even during a crazy time in our country’s history, God is faithful.

    By the way, the food looks great. Can’t wait to get some.

    Love ya…Dad

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