Federal Bailout….

Well our world seems to be ending….but i think that it is something that can be turned around. I think it is really a wake up call to our country that our policies are wrong. We keep telling people to spend…spend…spend and then borrow…borrow…borrow so they can afford it. Then our Government prints….prints….prints…and prints… more money making our dollars worth less and less.

Check out these clips:

This was two years ago and this guy predicted the problem…doesn’t the other guy look stupid.

This is a clip of what is happening to our dollar…ron paul isn’t running anymore, but i sure wish he was.

Pretty interesting isn’t it….so what do we do about it….I think that Dave Ramsey has answered that question very nicely… check out this link and follow the instructions. What he has to say really makes sense and would really work.


I don’t understand everything…i am just presenting the point of view that makes the most sense to me. Whatever happens i know that the Lord is there for those who need Him….always.


2 responses to “Federal Bailout….

  • speedmeisterp

    “I’m optimistic that we’re going to have a significant bipartisan victory on the rescue plan here in the Senate tonight,” said Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader, who Tuesday reached an agreement with Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, to add $100 billion in tax breaks.

    Funny, I’ve not felt any pain at all as a result of this bailout not passing. So now they want to give the taxpayer money to the rich, but they also want to make sure the rich don’t have to pay for any of it in taxes.

  • abrammajor

    i think Ron Paul is still technically running under an independent party. but i mean, independent really means that he is not running.

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