Well early early this morning or last night the funniest thing happened to me.  I woke myself up by turning on the light in the room:

Elise: Turn the Light out

Me: I am looking for the thing.

Elise: What thing? The Remote? Turn the light out.

Me: The thing for the Animals.

Elise: What thing for the Animals.

Me: The remote for the Spiders!

Elise: Turn the light out. Your asleep.

Me: No I’m not.  There are spiders.

Elise: Austin, Turn the Light out. Your Asleep.

Me: No I’m not. (getting back into bed and turning off the light) Quit being mean to me.


I guess Elise is not the only one that talks in her sleep….


One response to “Spiders!!!!

  • Melanie

    Ha! Apparently it’s genetic – Andrew does the same thing! It’s especially funny when he’s post-call and wakes up talking about patients … just to give you a preview of things to come 🙂

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