More Books

Well…im back at it. 

I just finished two books this week:

The Poisonwood Bible.  A rich narative about a family that goes to the heart of the Congo and what it does to them, and their faith.  If i had to guess though, i would think that this book is written by a woman who doesn’t care very much for Christianity….but you know i have been wrong before about things.

The World Made Straigt.  This book was written by Ron Rash who happens to be an author from my neck of the woods.  I really enjoyed his last two books about Upstate SC, and this one being about Western NC doesn’t fall far from the tree.  I like the way he tells stories and deals with subject matter.  There are some gruesome parts though…so it is not for the faint of heart. 

I like to read….which is something i am discovering more and more. 

Just so you know Elise and I are doing great and enjoying married life.  We are doing really well, and having a great time just living.  


3 responses to “More Books

  • Liz


    The Poisonwood Bible is by Barbara Kingsolver–I’m pretty sure she has very few ties with Christianity seeing as she isn’t touted as a “Christian” author and would possibly baulk at the thought of it. I haven’t read the book, but am under the impression that the focus is more on colonization than Christianity. Anyway, just thought I’d leave a slightly snooty comment since I have a Writing degree and can do so 🙂 Hope you’re taking good care of my Elisey or I’ll have to come hunt. you. down.


  • Michelle

    Miss you guys…can’t wait to see you again.

  • arampey

    Actually Liz…That is what i said. if you will read i said that she “doesn’t care very much for Christianity.” And you are right the book is about colonization, but Christianity is the reason that the main characters go to the Congo.

    I just didn’t want to make the post tooooooooooooo long.

    So there is a snooty response to your snooty response! HA!

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