I’m not dead, just busy.

Austin said to me today that I should post so people don’t think I am dead.
Well folks, I am not dead, just been out of the house a lot lately working, school-ing, clinical-ing, practicum-ing… But we have had a good 2nd month of marriage. We went on our first date since being married last Saturday night (my only free night of the week). Once I got home from work on Saturday afternoon my wonderful husband suprised me with a beautiful fall bouquet of flowers. We went to Olive Garden for dinner and then to see “Eagle Eye.” It was such a wonderful change from the busy norm.

This past Tuesday, I got my hair cut!!! I have been waiting for this for a long time. I tell you, growing out your hair for a wedding is not fun. It’s funny how many brides get their hair cut short not long after their weddings.I guess I follow the trend in this case… oh well.

My parents and Mich and Jeremy came a couple weekends ago. We celebrated Dad’s birthday with yummy dinner (that Mom and Michelle brought from home to cook here, how generous!), a delicious carrot cake that Austin and I worked on together! I got to break out the antique glassware we inherited from Grandpa and the cloth napkins. I wish we had taken more pictures of all of us together on the special trip they made to us. We sure miss being around family.

This week, Austin made some, I mean a ton, of delicious Tennessee Salsa Dip with some tomatoes that were bestowed upon us by a generous professor and his wife. I think we’ll need to distribute some of it to make sure it all gets eaten.







Austin has been filling as master chef in while I am so busy 😦 . Last night he made Peanut Butter Chicken, Rice and Veggies, waiting for me when I got home from work. I am so proud of him, but I cannot wait until my schedule changes so I can be a wife again in the kitchen. I am so thankful he enjoys cooking! He is certainly a wonderful husband.


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