Fall Time Fun

I love fall. I like the colors, the smells, the holidays (Thanksgiving Feasts especially!) I wish it could stay this way for more than 2-ish months. Indiana is pretty in the fall. After work on Saturday, Austin and I went to Converse to an apple orchard hoping to follow the trend of apple-picking or pumpkin-patching… maybe looking for a good photo op. We were sad that the apples were already picked for us, but happy to get some apples at $1 a pound. Hopefully, we’ll make some apple butter with the bounty we brought home. Yum. 











Austin was fascinated with the combines. Okay, I was too.


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4 responses to “Fall Time Fun

  • Melanie

    The apple butter in the yellow Southern Living cookbook is a great recipe … fyi! I’ve cooked my apples in the crock pot before and that makes it super easy.

    And if it’s combines you’re looking for, I think you two need to make a trip to Iowa. We have lots and lots of combines … not to mention your nephews.

  • Michelle

    Hooray, October is almost over. It sounds like you and your Hubby are having a wonderful time in the land of Indiana. We in Ohio sure miss you two.

  • Mom

    Fall is a fav of mine, too. How about one of your great apple pies, or apple crisp ? Good to see your beautious faces.

  • Kristen

    Hi my wonderful friends!
    I love getting to read updates on your lives. It sounds like you two are staying super busy and having a blast…
    I died laughing at your post where Elise is wearing swim goggles to keep from onion-induced crying. LOVED IT.
    Elise, your hair looks beautiful! 🙂
    I miss you guys and love you!! Praying that God continues to teach you new and amazing things!


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