Back at work

Well I am back at being a substitute for a few days.  I am not nearly as exhausted of it as I was before Christmas, which is good.  The other thing that helps is the fact that the middle school class that I am in today is great!  The best one yet.  It is actually really refreshing to be in a good class for once!  Elise is at home studying (hopefully not still sleeping…ps wake up Elise if you are reading this then I guess you are already awake) and preparing well for her NCLEX. 

The Lord is so good to us and we have nothing to worry about because He is taking good care of us.  Elise and I were counting our blessings last night (literally) and were amazed at how much the Lord was doing for us.

For instance:  Elise and I moved into our apartment mid-August and paid for a months rent.  The other day I called the rental office and asked if we could let mid-January be the end of our paying period.  They agreed, which saves Elise and I 540 dollars!!!!!  That is just one of the many Blessings the Lord is doing for us right now!  Let the Name of the Lord be Praised.

PS. We are starting to get packed up.

PSS. We are getting really excited.

PSSS. We are getting really really excited maybe partly due to the freezing rain and snow we are getting right now!


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