Nice we’re having weather…

When mom comes to a lull in conversation, she says in a quirky tone, “Nice we’re having weather.” I guess that’s where we’re at on this blog.

1. We are having nice weather. It has been in the 70s these past few days. We’ve been working, though, so we haven’t been the ones creating the traffic jam on Folly Road, headed towards the beach.

2. At our jobs, Austin and I have now been on the floor for nearly 4 weeks. Austin is really loving it, and I know I love my job, but I’m still learning so much and often feel insecure (as I’m sure all new nurses do). Austin and I have been on the same work schedule for the past couple weeks. It’s great to WALK to work together, and have the same days off. Today, we recouped after 2 twelves, but tomorrow, the plan is to go hiking in Francis Marion National Forest. Hooray for being outside!

3. We’ve been watching our orchid bloom. Austin bought it for me with just one bloom on it, and we’re up to 5 now. Simply beautiful.


4. I just read a South Carolina author, Ron Rash’s book, Saints at the River. I started it a while ago, not getting very far, but today read the majority of it, and could not put it down until I finished. Very good story about the Upstate, although Austin says that the name of the river isn’t accurate. Austin is pretty sure Mr. Rash is writing about the Chattooga River, not the Tamassee, as the Chattooga is the only river in the Upstate, that he knows of, that is a protected Wild and Scenic River. Anyway, it was a good story with a twist at the end. Read it. You might like it.

5. I’ve read the book, but last night we watched the movie The Kite Runner. Whether you read it or watch the movie, you are sure to appreciate the redemptive nature of the story.

6. I painted the entryway last week, and this week hung some pictures. All three were wedding presents: From Aubrey and Jeff, some framed antique postcards of Magnolia Plantation (where Austin and I got engaged), and a monogrammed shelf/hook from Melanie and Andrew. We’re slowly but surely making our new apartment home. I would post pictures, but I haven’t taken any of merit yet. We’re still working on a new coat of paint for our bedroom, but have some spackling work to do first. I am holding myself accountable to post some pics of our work.

I cannot think of any more miscellaneous bits of information to share with ya’ll (I’m starting to pick up the Southern dialect). So, it’s surely nice we’re having weather.


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