Swamp Foxes

I love all the history embedded in this area. Trudging through the swamp-forest of Francis Marion Natinoal Forest, perhaps because I’ve seen the movie “The Patriot”, I could picture Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox, and his militia slithering between the bald cyprus to bring freedom to our country. Austin and I pretended, or maybe I just did, to be the soldiers scouting through the forest, catching them Red Coats.


We also made a stop at the Hampton Plantation and heard the story of the affluent family that owned over 300 slaves to work the 400 acres of rice fields. Mind you, this was just ONE of their winter homes. The ranger was describing many other locations this family owned homes. Anyway, at this plantation, our beloved George Washington made a stop, had what he journaled to be a pleasant breakfast and conversation, and also told the plantation owners to save the beautiful live oak that still paints the landscape in front of the homestead. He said, “Let the tree stand.” And it still does.


Austin pretended to sip tea with the President in the family’s Ballroom, where George breakfasted that morning, as their dining room was not quite grand enough for Mr. Washington.



The elaborately decorated fire place in the family’s Ballroom.



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