Well, my bride just left today for Cleveland for Easter Weekend while I am stuck at home working on Easter.   It kinda stinks, but no big problem.  We have been only a little busy with all the happenings lately and have not posted in years it feels like.  Lots of stuff has gone on with us so i will give you the skinny of it all right now:

1. The Gentrys came and stayed with us when they ran in the Cooper River Bridge run.  It was great having them to visit with us.  I tell you what any, time that somebody wants to come and stay with us, and offers to pay for food well have them.  Dr. Gentry, despite our insistence, would not lets us cook for them.  We went out and he insisted to pay for our food as well.  To say the least that whole weekend felt like vacation.

2. Elise and I, over this past month have been on opposite schedules!  She has been on nights, and I have been on days.  Our schedules were arranged in such a way so that we would go several days without seeing each other. It was terrible.

3. I had something kinda scary happen to me at work.  It wasn’t as bad as it could have been…but still it was scary.  I think just a little bit of prayer is in order. 

4. I am now officially on the waiting list at both MUSC and USCSM.  which is disapointing due to the fact that they didn’t just welcome me in with open arms, but exciting because at least they didn’t just reject me.  The only bad thing is that i have to move ahead as if i wasn’t getting in and take the MCAT again, Which is grueling and costs >$200.  I probably will not hear anything else from them until June or later…so here we are…back to more…waiting

But if that is what the Lord has for us now, then so be it.

P.S. Pictures and more posts coming soon….


One response to “Waiting…still

  • Melissa Guthrie


    So good to hear from you… even if it is through a blog and maybe that’s a little lame that we haven’t communicated a little better than that… oops!

    anyways, just wanted you to know that i’m headed down to Charleston the first weekend in May and would love to see you guys then!

    we’ll be in touch!

    And know that yes, the Lord very much has you!

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