well yall…i found something AWESOME!  Elise gave me a magazine in my easter basket (a science magazine…go figure that woman really knows how dorky i) and in it was an advertisement for and music downloading site that is totally awesome…better than iTunes from my point of view.  You pay a monthly subscription and get 30 songs for 11.50 or so.  That is like .40 a song, less than half the price of iTunes.  And on top of that you can try it for free for two weeks and have 25 free songs and one book FOR FREE!!!!  I got the New Fiction Family CD and the new Cool Hand Luke Cd.  Both are really cool. 

So everybody…check out eMusic.com


One response to “eMusic.com

  • abram

    thanks for the tip, I had heard about this site from mom. But i didn’t know what it was, this is really cool. I think I will probably get the same music that you got though, I have been wanting the new Cool Hand Luke CD for a while now.

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