1. Austin and I have been looking for furniture this week. Finally spending some of our wedding money. Any ideas on where we should look to get the best bang for our buck? Of course, we want good quality. I guess that’s why it’s been hard to make a quick decision.

2. Today, I went with our neighbor Emilie to the community garden plots near our house. Emilie had recently found out that she was off the waiting list for one of the plots and asked me if I would like to help with it since they are moving near the end of the summer. So, of course, I love to try new things… Perhaps a month ago, I started some herb seeds in peet pots in our house. Well, we transplanted those seedlings along with some tomato, cucumber, summer squash seedlings. We also planted some seeds of corn, lettuce, onions, beets, peppers… oh hopefully we’ll have a few crops.

3. I went to Ohio (aka “home”) for Easter to visit my family. It was great! We all really missed each other, so our time together was so special. Austin was working that weekend, so I was the only one to go. We missed having him at the table for our Holiday dinner, and while we were playing RockBand… But I made it home safely, and am glad to have gone. img_8516

4. Tomorrow, I start my solo career as a nurse. I will no longer have a preceptor guiding me gently… well, I’m a bit nervous.

5. This morning I woke up to pick up Austin from his few and far between night shifts, and I almost stumbled upon some sort of animal waste on our porch and down the steps… large piles of it. Anyway. Austin powerwashed the porch last week, and it was so clean, so this made me a little sad. So a little later on, i had a reason to wash the deck, and the car! It was wonderful to be outside in the heat and the water. I can’t wait to go swimming this summer. (Oh, but the car already has another bird dropping on it… so much for my cleaning spree.)

6. We visited another plantation this past week: Boone Hall, which is home to the Avenue of Oaks that seems to characterize plantations as we know them. It was beautiful, however the house was built in the 1930’s, a Colonial Revival. We were a bit disappointed that it wasn’t the original house, but those folks at Boone Hall couldn’t help it. It’s gardens and grounds were still beautiful.  So was the house… You may recognize it from “The Notebook.”


7. I don’t feel like doing the dinner dishes… They’re waiting for me, though, so I best get going.


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