Welcome to the Neighborhood

is something that Elise and I kept thinking last night when we were trying to fall back asleep at about 2 am after a tumultuous awakening… 

We arrived home yesterday from our two week vacation where we went to two beautiful weddings, spent some good time out on the lake, rested alot, studied alot, and saw just about all the people that we love in the world.  It was a great trip(pictures forthcoming), but we were happy to be home.  We were just doxing off to sleep after our 14 hour trip (it is an 11 hour trip, but we stopped at REI in Charolette which i didn’t know was there).  We heard a loud CRACK!!! We both basically jumped out of the bed, almost in a panic!! I looked out the window and saw some guys running.  I told Elise to get the phone and put some clothes on.  We ran out into the street.  I was expecting to see two cars mangled and smoldering…but i saw a single man lieing in the road.  There was a few people standing around.  I ran up and immediately saw that the guy was moving.  911 was already being called.  I made sure that the guy at least awake.  There was a puddle of blood.  His face was covered in blood.  It didn’t look like there was any continuous gushing of blood.  The Cops got there in about 2 minutes and the ambulance was there in about 4.  I was impressed.  He had been hit by a taxi as he was riding his bike across the interesection.  We kept his bike for him and his mother’s boyfriend came and picked it up today.  Thankfully he was ok, but would need a few days to recover in the hospital.  Basically it was a miracle that he did not die right there.

So that was our welcome back event…i guess there are not many other places where something like that can happen except  for at Ashley and Crosstown.


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