Random thoughts…

1. So, family has been in town this past week. My aunt and uncle and cousins from Charlotte as well as my parents and sister came for an entire week. Michelle stayed at our apartment while the rest of the fam was on IOP. I could get used to them being so close, but time will tell if that happens. It was really hard to say goodbye this past Saturday not knowing the next time we’ll see them, you know, a time to look forward to.

2. Life has been pretty uneventful other than that. Austin and I are just working, resting, day to day stuff.

3. Something exciting, we have almost been married a whole year. It’s fun to make some plans for our anniversary. While we were dating, we used to avoid calling milestones in our relationship anniversaries. But now, we really can call it an anniversary! It’s the real deal.  

4. I don’t know if I’m addicted to caffeine or what, but today, on my day off, a lot like other days I have off, I developed a monster headache. Probably because I didn’t have any DDP for lunch. I think I should get off the stuff :).

5. Austin is done studying for the MCAT! He took it a week and a half ago. We’re just waiting for the results to arrive in about a month.  I’m so proud of him and all his hard work. Now he can really relax on his days off, well hopefully!

6. I’ve become a bit anxious to get working on the apartment, so anxious I’ve begun to tear down walls, quite literally. Below some of the windows, water damage has taken it’s tole. Knowing that some of them are beyond patching up, and knowing we’d be replacing it in the next month, I have started to scrape away old paint and pull down rotten drywall. I don’t know if Austin was too excited when I started.

7. The cone flower I planted in my flower pots has bit the dust. I believe I didn’t give it enough sun. Sorry cone flower, you were pretty while you lasted. The rest of the flowers are doing pretty well, I might say.


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An RN, an artist, admirer of nature, a music enthusiast, a laugher at most jokes, a lover of my Savior Jesus, a sidekick to my husband, a friend to my sister, a daughter to my parents, a listener to my friends. View all posts by aerampey

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