Oh Allergies…

I write this after a couple days of sniffling, sneezing, snot-dripping. I thought I left you, allergies, back in Ohio and Indiana. But you plague me here in South Carolina. You sneeky devil, you. I thought I wouldn’t be bothered by you since you didn’t show up this past spring, but like a bad habit, you returned reminding me that I am not unstoppable.

‘How could I think I could pick up an extra day of work this week?’ You make me ask myself.

Oh, but allergies, I have news for you… at the market they sell local honey AND pollen. I’m thinking that I will kick you to the curb and take stock in the honey company, rather than the tissue/cough medicine folks.

So take that, at least for now you’ve got me down, but not for long. I don’t expect to see you again in the spring.


About aerampey

An RN, an artist, admirer of nature, a music enthusiast, a laugher at most jokes, a lover of my Savior Jesus, a sidekick to my husband, a friend to my sister, a daughter to my parents, a listener to my friends. View all posts by aerampey

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