Until recently, I had not admitted to myself that I am a discontent person. I have always been happy enough with my possessions, never really thinking that I could be considered discontent for other reasons, like having friends, feeling organized, getting out of the house, having fun things to do with my husband, among other things. Despite my ungracious attempts to pin my discontentedness on something Austin may have been doing, he graciously let me in on the secret that I do not practice contentment a lot of the time. In fact, my mother noticed it, too.

My main source of discontentment in this last year became that I wasn’t feeling close to God. I may have attributed these feelings to not being able to go to church on a regular basis, having to work a lot of Sundays. Oh, how it bothered me that I had an irregular work schedule.  But the real reasonI felt so icky about my relationship with God I can link to my lack of disciplined time spent in the Word. Sure, I may have been reading it daily, but not digesting it.

God has struck up a conversation with me lately. I’ve been challenged through the Newlywed Sunday School class at our church to be listening as God speaks through His Word. We’ve been going through A Couples Guide to a Growing Marriage by Gary Chapman. So far (we’re in week 3), I’ve found his suggestions to be realistic and practical as far as building communication with God, and my husband. This week we’re learning about forgiveness… but anyway, back to the main idea.

I don’t have it all worked out, but the past couple days, I have felt content with  my life. So I have thought it a good idea to make a list of the things in my life right now that I count as blessings. Plus it is almost Thanksgiving!

1. Days off: the ability to sleep in past 6:12 am. But in the case that I am up at 6:12, Coffee. Need I say more.
2. The fact that my life does not look like a lot of my patients’ lives. I do not suffer from chronic illness, Thank You Lord.
3. The fact that I live 4 blocks or so from work, and Austin and I can walk there.
4. Home cooked meals, whether it is Austin or me doing the cooking, I love sitting down at the table with him.
5. Our community group. New friends, and somewhere to be on Sunday nights.
6. Good preaching: Buster Brown at ECBC.
7. Family that prays for us and loves us.
8. The ability to pay our bills. Thank you Lord for providing for us in this economy.
9. Living in a beautiful city. I love crossing any of the bridges in town and being able to juxtapose the ocean landscape and the city skyline.
10. Voicemails, Phone calls and skype chats with many of the people I love.

The Lord has truly blessed me, it is true.


About aerampey

An RN, an artist, admirer of nature, a music enthusiast, a laugher at most jokes, a lover of my Savior Jesus, a sidekick to my husband, a friend to my sister, a daughter to my parents, a listener to my friends. View all posts by aerampey

2 responses to “Content

  • Michelle

    Love you, Sis. Can’t wait to see you in person, other than on Skype, even though I am content in that when we can be face-to-face. It’s cool to see how God is working in your life as we grow older.

  • Glen

    Its mom…amen and what a wonderful place to come to…realizing that the One and Only meets us where we are and fills us up in all the little spaces that make us feel empty and discontent. A wonderful epiphany, girlie. Love you…keep practicing that contentment thing..

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