a baby boy

Austin and I have two nephews on his side of the family (and another neice or nephew on the way). While we’ve been visiting with his entire family, I have  been able to bond with the two boys with more concentrated time spent with them. These boys are great kids. Samuel, the oldest, is 3 and inquisitive, silly, mechanical and loves his younger 1 year old brother, Caleb. Caleb is very social, smiley, talkative… calling for mama or dada, reaching  his hands upward asking in sign language to be picked up. It is SO sweet.

This year I am remembering the manner in which my Lord first came to meet those whom He would save. What a vulnerable way to enter his life calling. As a baby, he was completely dependent upon his mother Mary to provide to meet his every physical need. He reached out for his mama to pick him up, asked for his sippy cup, cried when he was sleepy or got knocked over by his brothers. It is a comforting thought to me to remember the humanity of my Savior.

He came to live here on the same earth on which we trod, dealt with the same struggles that we tossle with daily, felt the same emotions that run through our veins. But He was perfect. He was the perfect Son of God who came specifically to live an exemplary life and then die because you and I don’t live a perfect life. While the consequence of our imperfections is death, Jesus came to take our blame and die in our place. His death restored a lost relationship between God and man. Because of His death in our place, we can now live in relationship with God and spend eternity with Him.

During this season, I remember that a little baby boy came to this earth to die for me, for which I am so thankful. Merry Christmas!


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