The Holidays According to Elise: Part I

Austin did a great job posting an update, but I took most of the pics. Plus, he chose differently than I would, so here is my take on our holiday travels. I will start with this first installment: Thanksgiving in Ohio and Christmas at our apartment.  Oh, how thankful I am for my family.


Contra dancing with Kat and Dave, and Mary!

Austin’s wrestling skills were seriously schooled by Josh.

Michelle’s Twilight buddy, Jen.

I bet Jeremy never thought he would find Austin, or me for that matter, voluntarily on a basketball court. Well, we showed him. No one ever takes me seriously when I suggest we make music videos or do a family talent show for fun. Jeremy replied to this request this year by saying, “Elise, That would be like me suggesting that everyone go outside and play a little 3 on 3 basketball right now.”  So, what did we do, we got the basketball from the basement,we  pumped it up so it would bounce sufficiently, and we got out there in the cold night weather and shot some hoops. That’s what we did. We better see the enthusiasm we showed for B-ball this Thanksgiving when the suggestion of music videos surfaces again at our next family get together! You think we  jest…. oh but we don’t.

Our traditional breakfast spot. B to the E! Hey Grandma Pat!

Settler’s the card game. Need I say more.

Recipe searching, blog stalking, facebooking… who knows.

Making apple butter together for the first time. I think we’ve started a tradition, folks.

Austin and our (hand-me-down-but-ever-so-lovely) Christmas Tree.


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