2010 in Review: August Part I

For the second part of our trip to Europe, we met up with Austin’s folks and some others to tour Germany with one stop in Salzburg, Austria.

This man could play some mean classical music on his accordion.

Hohensalzburg Fortress has scared off intruders for close to 1000 years.

Enjoying the musical delights of the Sounds of Salzburg.

St. Bartholemew Church on the Konigssee (the King’s Lake) in Bertchesgaden, Germany.

Hector the Vector

Oberamergau: Passion Play


Wurst: Rothenburg, Germany

The Nightwatchman

More wurst. Yum.

Wartburg Castle, Eisenach, Germany. Luther’s hideout while excommunicated.

There were windmills, everywhere.

The border between East and West Germany.

Werner drove us around all of Germany in this rig.

Berlin, Germany: Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.

The Berlin Wall.

Brandenburg Gate.

Alexanderplatz, Berlin.

Checkpoint Charlie.

WWII Vets touring the Topography of Terror: a Nazi SS and Gestapo Headquarters Documentation Center.

Our eis supper in Potsdamerplatz the last night in Berlin.

Homage to U2.

Our ride home: upgraded to First Class. Woohoo!

It was certainly a trip of a lifetime.


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