Coughy McGee

That’s me. I didn’t know you could catch a cold through skype?!? My mom and sister have been coughing since Christmas. I managed to pick it up over the airwaves. I’m sure my patients are very glad that I am their nurse when they see me hacking away into my elbow, red in the face, unable to do anything but walk away until I can control myself. I have far surpassed my daily quota of Vitamin C as I have sucked my way through a package and a half of Halls today. The strange thing, I don’t feel sick, just this cough coughy cough cough cough. I did get the Pertussis vaccine and a flu shot within the past year, so you don’t have to keep your young children away from me if you’re worried about that. 🙂

In other news, my new job is going well. I am loving the hours!!!


About aerampey

An RN, an artist, admirer of nature, a music enthusiast, a laugher at most jokes, a lover of my Savior Jesus, a sidekick to my husband, a friend to my sister, a daughter to my parents, a listener to my friends. View all posts by aerampey

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