I heart butts and guts…

or rather, I am learning to. I saw my coworker wearing that pin the other day. Endoscopy Prep and Recovery has been a welcome change in schedule, however it’s not very complicated. I ask the patients about their health history, get a set of vitals, and start an IV. Then they go back to their procedure and I wait. Once the patient returns from their procedure, I monitor their vital signs for a half hour to an hour and send them back home or back to the floor. Then I wipe down all the equipment and the stretcher and start over. I may have from 3 to 8 patients throughout my 8 hour shift. So that’s it. It’s kinda crazy that I can summarize my job in so few sentences. It’s good for this time of life while Austin has such a regular schedule. I am so thankful to have my evenings and weekends at home with him. The routine is good for me too.


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