Confessions of a Med-Student’s Wife

I geared up pretty heartily for a worst-case scenario coming into Austin’s first year of medical school. Prior to the beginning of classes, the school held a meeting for spouses/significant others/partners of med-students to prepare us for the challenge. There they prepped us, encouraging us to be the strong ones (which is good advice), but that our significant others probably wouldn’t often think to make time for us.  

I was not suprised by what they had to say, having heard from many people such things as, “Oh, you’re married to medical student? Get ready to be lonely.” or, “Oh, you’ll never see him.” or, “Just say, see you in four years.” I went into this year expecting all of those things to occur, fixated on the idea of how awful it would be. I’m not sure that I listened if anyone told me that it was possible for married couples to manage a balance of a seemingly normal life and study-your-behind-off during medical school, but I was determined that we could figure it out.

Now, Austin is only into his second semester of his first year and I realize that we have a long way to go still, but I feel like we’re in the swing of things. We have a life outside of school. We have time to spend with friends. Austin does make time for us, and he does get to do things he enjoys doing, all the while getting good grades. I’m not saying we have it down perfectly, but I would dare to say that we are working to find a balance.


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