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New Puppy!

Well we got a new puppy…her name is Molly and she is the cutest puppy ever!

Did I make a believer our of you?  hopefully you all will get to meet her soon!



Medical School…

Well USC just sent me a lovely letter.  They told me that I would have to wait a little longer about getting into medical school.  I will have to wait and see if they interview any better people before they can offer me admission. 


Well I have been doing a lot of thinking.  I did all that I can do to get into medical school.  I improved my application in every way that I could.  So I am left with only one avenue.  Prayer.  Over and Over again lately I have been getting the message that I need to depend on God more.  To trust in His will for my life.  So that is what i am doing.  I know that he has a plan for my life.  I know that He works for the good on those who love him.  I know that whatever happens, that He is in control and He has a plan for my life.  I know that I can trust in His promises.  I know that they are true. 


I think I can face the next interview on Feb. 5 here at MUSC with that knowledge fresh in my mind. 

Please pray for me during this process and of Feb. 5.  I will be and have been praying.  I know that it will help.  I humbly know that i need all the help I can get. (should I capitalized the Help He gives…seems like i should.)

Holiday picture update

Recently we were described as a picture black hole…well maybe this black hole is actually a worm hole…here are the pictures for our many holiday trips.  We went to Ohio for a Thanksgiving celebration with Elise’s Family. 

After Thanksgiving, unfortunately my grandmother passesd at the age of  93. 

We then went back to Charleston and worked for a week, then returned to the Upstate for Christmas with my family

I fell…and almost dropped Sam, but extremely manly abilities allowed me to catch him!

Overall it was a great two months! We were glad to spend the time with family. We are glad to be home, ready to start this new year!!

My blood

is just boiling over from this video i heard about and found on the internet about ACORN!!

If it doesn’t make your blood boil then there is something wrong with you…please watch these videos…

They are encouraged to call their underage sex slaves exchange students… This breaks my heart….


well…yall need to check out this article from fortune magazine…an UNBIASED source.  Our system would break if this passes:

PS. Elise and I are really really really busy…(i am actually at work right now)…but pictures and more posts are coming soon.

Praise the Lord

I got a 31 on my MCAT!!! I think that ought to get me into medical school finally!  All the Glory should go to Christ, for all the help and encouragement and strength that he has given me.

And thank all of you for all your prayers!

OOOOOOO and if you are not sure what will happen when this new healthcare bill goes through check out this video about Canadian healthcare system:

Watching and Waiting

Well i took the MCAT on the 18th of June and i am trying to wait patiently to find out about how i did…i am not supposed to find out until the 21 of July…less than ten days now.  I am still also waiting to see…hopefully…that if i get into Medical school this year.  I could find out up the day before class. I wouldn’t care, as long as i got in.

Elise and I are getting the apartment ready for the new tenants who will live there when Chris and Emily move out downstairs and we move in.  We have done a lot of things that have been undone since we got the house…ie re-popcorn the parts of the ceilingthat were damaged when the roof was leaking (the cracks were taped with this drywall tape, and AUBREY and JEFF just push pinned a portion that was loose.) and replaced the drywall under four windows that were damaged.  The next job is putting the new baseboards up under the cabinets, framingin the new windows with trim, and all the painting….so a lot still, but we will prevail! We will have before and afters up soon! i hope you will be impressed!

We are planning for our anniversary trip to Asheville.  We are going backpacking for two nights in the Shinning Rock wilderness area (in pisgah national forest).  I am very excited.  We are also going to go to builtmore and the bonsai arboretum in Asheville!  I am very excited.   The week before we go on our trip we will be going to the fun and exciting RAMPEY family reunion at Table Rock…i can’t wait for the fun stories, games, and ice cream (LOADS of ICE CREAM).

So basically what i am saying is to prepare yourself for lots of pictures!  we will dazzle you with the beatimus pictures from our new fancy dancy camera!

Hope yall are well cause we are!  and by the Way…COME and SEE us!!!  we have a couch and an air mattress and love visitors in wonderful Charleston, SC!

ps. i am at work….gotta go