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Happy Anniversary Love!






As promised

Here are some photos from our vacation earlier this summer. Austin and I had a great time with my family exploring the Red Rock Country of Arizona plus the Grand Canyon (and even Las Vegas! AHH).

The silence is over…

I have much to be thankful for and praise my Savior about. Some happenings in the past few months:

In March, we flew to Chicago and drove to Iowa City to see these lovelies!

We met Ian for the first time. What a cool kid he is.

We added Molly to our family in late March. She’s a sweet, quirky, energetic Australian Shepherd puppy who we love so much already.

Heath and Krista came down from Greenville for a weekend in April.

We returned to the spot where Austin proposed in Magnolia Plantation. Ahh memories. 🙂

Molly grew so quickly she almost doesn’t fit in the sink, growing pup.

Also in our travels, we went up to Greenwood to celebrate Mr. Judah’s first birthday. Almost the whole Rampey crew was there for this baseball party. We were only missing Abram.

Judah had fun digging into his baseball cake.

Too much fun!

Presents were so much more fun after a nap.

We met my family in Charlotte at my aunt’s for Easter. Maddie’s grown so much too!

Kisses for G-G.

Still growing.

We met Austin’s college roommates in Tennessee for a reunion.

The Wolf-pack, as they call themselves.

At the top of Chimney Tops.

Abram came in to see us too!

They surely love each other.

Coming soon, pictures of our travels out west.


I made one of my quickest trips this past weekend up to Ohio for Maddie’s dedication. I arrived Saturday morning around 10 and left Sunday evening just after 7. It was well worth the trip to see my family on Maddie’s special day.

This poor baby got sick enough to need nebulizers. 😦 She is so good though and lets Mom and Dad give her the medicine.

She’s such a happy baby even if she is sick.

She loves bathtime.

Pretty momma=pretty baby.

I love baby dedications. They are so meaningful for even me as an aunt to commit to show Christ to my nieces and nephews.

Such doting grandparents.

She’s such a big girl. I LOVED being there!


We had some great company last weekend.

The guest of honor– Master Judah.

We are so glad that Aubrey and Jeff came down.

Searching for seaglass.

The cutest rising left handed first baseman.

Just call him Mr. Miyagi.

2010 in Review: Last but not least–December

I have gotten a bit far out from the last of the year, but I think that December still merits a post. It was a fun month and the year went out with a bang.

Austin and I have decided on a new tradition for decorating for Christmas: order Chinese, bake cookies, and watch a Christmas movie.


Christmas blessings in Ohio.

I don’t know what they were all excited about, but apparently it was funny.

Dad suprised Mom with a beautiful new ring.

Maddie was excited too.

Mich and Jer had friends over for a Minute to Win It party. We lost horribly.

Mmmmm… Mama Santa’s: Little Italy.

Cruising around Downtown Cleveland.

I loved the comforts and sights of home. Charleston does not have hometown donut shops.

Mom and Dad’s house was so warm and comfortable, it was hard to leave.

Posts to come regarding the new year.

2010 in Review: November

November was a month full of family.

My family visited early in the month, and Austin got to meet Maddie!

Maddie missed her daddy.

Stan finished some business here in Charleston and we got to celebrate his birthday late.

We spent Thanksgiving with the Rampeys in Seneca.

A man and his dog.

I love this pic. Brendel looks so regal.

Chris, Krista and Heath, our transplanted college friends spent the meal with us. One by one we’re getting them closer.

We were so glad to be with family.

Nana and Judah.

We were whisked away on Black Friday to Springfield to see Austin’s cousins, aunts and uncles.

Austin the antagonizer.

Sadie is growing up.

Carol shot this scene. Springfield is such beautiful countryside.

Logan the amazing unicyclist.

Preparing for takeoff.