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The silence is over…

I have much to be thankful for and praise my Savior about. Some happenings in the past few months:

In March, we flew to Chicago and drove to Iowa City to see these lovelies!

We met Ian for the first time. What a cool kid he is.

We added Molly to our family in late March. She’s a sweet, quirky, energetic Australian Shepherd puppy who we love so much already.

Heath and Krista came down from Greenville for a weekend in April.

We returned to the spot where Austin proposed in Magnolia Plantation. Ahh memories. ūüôā

Molly grew so quickly she almost doesn’t fit in the sink, growing pup.

Also in our travels, we went up to Greenwood to celebrate Mr. Judah’s first birthday. Almost the whole Rampey crew was there for this baseball party. We were only missing Abram.

Judah had fun digging into his baseball cake.

Too much fun!

Presents were so much more fun after a nap.

We met my family in Charlotte at my aunt’s for Easter. Maddie’s grown so much too!

Kisses for G-G.

Still growing.

We met Austin’s college roommates in Tennessee for a reunion.

The Wolf-pack, as they call themselves.

At the top of Chimney Tops.

Abram came in to see us too!

They surely love each other.

Coming soon, pictures of our travels out west.


My Groom and Me

At Hoy and Angela’s wedding last weekend in Indianapolis. Congrats you two!

Visitors Galore

The guest room has certainly been used this summer so far. We’re still taking reservations.

In rapid succession, we had Aubrey, Jeff, Judah, and Lucy; then Michelle and Jeremy took their last vacation before baby comes. Then last weekend, we enjoyed some time with Heath and Krista.

We are quite the popular vacation spot, with the beach so close, and the sights and wonders of Charleston at our doorstep. Put your name on our list! We’ll show you a great time.

PIE! and other things fall-ish.

We laughed with our friends at a halloween extravaganza party on Saturday night. Dressing up like Tom Sawyer and Huckelberry Finn, Austin and I were the only ones to dress up! Although we didn’t get any good pics of us dressed up, Austin was sure to get some of the pumpkins being set on fire.


Last night, we hosted our community group for the first time.


Austin made two delicious pies yesterday for our community group while I cleaned. I did not know he was such a skilled baker… A man of many hidden talents. He made an apple pie and a crustless pumpkin pie for our gluten-allergic friend. I enjoyed the apple pie so much, I even had a piece for breakfast today!

I rearranged our fall decorations before our friends came over, lighting the candles on the dining froom table perhaps a bit too early, so as I greeted those who arrived first, I found the centerpiece in flames as I passed it from the kitchen to the front door. This is what remained.


Here’s for you¬† momma:



Happy fall!

up and back again

We spent the weekend with Heath and Krista, returning to our anniversary trip spot: Mt. Pisgah. Although it was cold and snowy, we definately enjoyed our drive along the¬†Blue Ridge Parkway, stopping to take in the barely visible views of the scenery through the fog and snow. We did manage to get some good pics though. We wimped out on staying another night in the snow and happily returned to H&K’s apartment to play Sequence and watch the Count of Monte Cristo until we fell asleep on their comfy couch. After a big breakfast of waffles, bacon and eggs and some football watching, we met Abram for lunch to return his beloved XBox that we’d been hoarding the past couple months. Well now we’re back home, and the temp has dropped significantly. It’s starting to feel like fall, and our mums are thriving.