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As promised

Here are some photos from our vacation earlier this summer. Austin and I had a great time with my family exploring the Red Rock Country of Arizona plus the Grand Canyon (and even Las Vegas! AHH).


The silence is over…

I have much to be thankful for and praise my Savior about. Some happenings in the past few months:

In March, we flew to Chicago and drove to Iowa City to see these lovelies!

We met Ian for the first time. What a cool kid he is.

We added Molly to our family in late March. She’s a sweet, quirky, energetic Australian Shepherd puppy who we love so much already.

Heath and Krista came down from Greenville for a weekend in April.

We returned to the spot where Austin proposed in Magnolia Plantation. Ahh memories. ūüôā

Molly grew so quickly she almost doesn’t fit in the sink, growing pup.

Also in our travels, we went up to Greenwood to celebrate Mr. Judah’s first birthday. Almost the whole Rampey crew was there for this baseball party. We were only missing Abram.

Judah had fun digging into his baseball cake.

Too much fun!

Presents were so much more fun after a nap.

We met my family in Charlotte at my aunt’s for Easter. Maddie’s grown so much too!

Kisses for G-G.

Still growing.

We met Austin’s college roommates in Tennessee for a reunion.

The Wolf-pack, as they call themselves.

At the top of Chimney Tops.

Abram came in to see us too!

They surely love each other.

Coming soon, pictures of our travels out west.


I made one of my quickest trips this past weekend up to Ohio for Maddie’s dedication. I arrived Saturday morning around 10 and left Sunday evening just after 7. It was well worth the trip to see my family on Maddie’s special day.

This poor baby got sick enough to need nebulizers. ūüė¶ She is so good though and lets Mom and Dad give her the medicine.

She’s such a happy baby even if she is sick.

She loves bathtime.

Pretty momma=pretty baby.

I love baby dedications. They are so meaningful for even me as an aunt to commit to show Christ to my nieces and nephews.

Such doting grandparents.

She’s such a big girl. I LOVED being there!

2010 in Review: August Part I

For the second part of our trip to Europe, we met up with Austin’s folks and some others to tour Germany with one stop in Salzburg, Austria.

This man could play some mean classical music on his accordion.

Hohensalzburg Fortress has scared off intruders for close to 1000 years.

Enjoying the musical delights of the Sounds of Salzburg.

St. Bartholemew Church on the Konigssee (the King’s Lake) in Bertchesgaden, Germany.

Hector the Vector

Oberamergau: Passion Play


Wurst: Rothenburg, Germany

The Nightwatchman

More wurst. Yum.

Wartburg Castle, Eisenach, Germany. Luther’s hideout while excommunicated.

There were windmills, everywhere.

The border between East and West Germany.

Werner drove us around all of Germany in this rig.

Berlin, Germany: Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.

The Berlin Wall.

Brandenburg Gate.

Alexanderplatz, Berlin.

Checkpoint Charlie.

WWII Vets touring the Topography of Terror: a Nazi SS and Gestapo Headquarters Documentation Center.

Our eis supper in Potsdamerplatz the last night in Berlin.

Homage to U2.

Our ride home: upgraded to First Class. Woohoo!

It was certainly a trip of a lifetime.

2010 in Review: July Part II

On the train to Florence, there were fields and fields of sunflowers. Just beautiful!

An illegal picture of David.

Sunset over the Ponte Vecchio from Piazzalle Michaelangelo: my favorite memory from the trip.

Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy

Idyllic scenes: Italian women people watching and hanging laundry.  

We were hungry, waiting for our pizza.

Polka, Polka, Polka. Zermatt, Switzerland.

Swiss Chocolate.

A beautiful hike in Zermatt, Switzerland even though we couldn’t see the peak of the Matterhorn.

Gimmelwald, Switzerland.

Pension Gimmelwald.

An awesome hike into Lauterbrunnen Valley.

Lucerne, Switzerland.

What an amazing trip!

We’re Back!

Lauterbrunnen Valley, Gimmelwald, Switzerland

We’ve made it safely home from Europe¬†to an undisturbed apartment save a few cockroaches. Mostly readjusted to this time zone, I’ve worked my three days, and Austin finished his job as a tech. Now, we’re gearing up for this coming week when Austin starts orientation for school, and I wait by the phone as Michelle could go into labor at any moment.

More pics to come once I go through the rest them.

Over the River…

…and through the woods to Grandmother’s (whoops I mean Mother’s) house we go.

Here I sit in my old house, enjoying the gas logs fire crackling in the fireplace with momma directing my word choices over my shoulder. HEHE, she walked away for a minute. Austin and I trekked the 600+ miles yesterday to spend time with my family in Ohio.

We have a great itinerary planned, some things crazy-silly (that are still a secret, will be sure to post pictures,) some cross country skiing through the white winter wonderland of the Northeast, games and Olympic watching, and lots of delicious meals planned.

We’ve already made a trip to Babies-R-Us in delightful anticipation of a new addition to our family. I don’t know if I’ve announced it via the blog world, but my sister is pregnant, due in August! Can’t wait to be an aunt on this side.

What fun it is to see my sister’s growing belly. Fun to watch my momma giggle at¬†Austin and Jeremy’s craziness. Fun to be here when dad gets home from work. It’s great to be here.